At ORTHOPEDIC SHOE LIFT USA, we help People who have some difference of size in their legs, to settle their shoes you will feel the length required one conford when
walking, thus preventing back pain, leg knee.

There are some reasons why it is important action that you take it as soon their
difference length in his legs since with time It leads to severe traumas bertebral column.

What we do is practically in shoes you want to fix we divide the plant parts and we add a piece of material to match the the higth necessary, in this process we ensure matierail that meets the required number of factors, as color, material strength, texture, and many other details that we believe is of utmost importance to you.

We were doing a job secure and reliable high quality because it does not bring our professionalism confidence to guarantee our work.

To learn more about our services please call us at
(440) 789-6667
or send an email to for the things you want to know about our work and we will gladly help anyone clarecer questions you have.